Business Setup

We help you clear the initial hurdles, including legal setup, operational setup and administrative processes.

Business Planning

Our experts assist you in creating a sustainable business model. We will help quantify every aspect of your business and plan your next moves.

Financial Planning

Be prepared for all financial scenarios by creating a detailed liquidity plan, establishing the timeline of necessary resources and defining investment strategy.

Business Strategy

Know your market. We’ll help you find your niche, position yourself in the industry, conceptualize business scenarios and define concrete goalpoints and milestones.

Business Processes

Execution is everything. The operational aspects of your business define who you are, and who you need. Operations form a critical factor in burn rate – we’ll assist you in finding the right timeline and utilizing your resources to maximum effect.


Taking your concept onto the world stage is a major task. We are your first resource for strategic setup and administrative and operational support in international markets.

Expansion GER-USA & USA-GER

Going overseas is a massive step in your startup career. We know the ins and outs of getting established in Germany and the States, and can provide crucial administrative and strategic support, both locally and in cooperation with our partners abroad.

Due Diligence

Transparency is important. We offer support in administrative issues and ongoing operations, so your company can maintain the best possible internal processes and be ready for external scrutiny at all times.


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