Venture Capitals

Business Plan & Pitch

When aiming to raise venture capital, it is of critical importance to understand your industry and to strategize accordingly. We can help you build a rock-solid business proposal and prepare for all eventualities. We’ll help you present your company’s spirit and vision in the best possible light, while integrating all information that investors need and desire. Both the documentation of your business plan and the personal pitch itself are essential to your success, and must be optimized and practiced. We can help.

Investment Strategy

There are many ways to raise funds for your startup – classic bank loans, seed capital from business angels, growth capital via venture capital firms and even crowd financing. We will help to establish the best approach for you. The investment path of your startup will define much of its culture and potential success. We’ll guide you through the challenges of finding the right strategy, the right timing and the right investors to realize your dream.

Funding Process

The process of securing capital consumes a lot of time, energy and emotional resources. As your partner in every step of fundraising, we can streamline the process and optimize the outcome. Approaching the right people is important and extremely challenging. Never underestimate the value of smart money – it’s crucial to bring investors on board who are strategically relevant in terms of intellectual vision and existing networking potential. We assist with preparation and bring the right people to the table.


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