Meet the Team

We’ve got a fully staffed group of professionals looking out for you, but we like to keep it simple. More than likely you will be working directly with a few hand-picked professionals whose job it is to bug you for stuff periodically. Get used to these guys…you’ll be bumping into them occasionally:


opywriters, consultants, project managers & programmers, venture capitalists experts. These are the folks that you may or may never talk to directly but rest assured, they know who you are. They are part of your team and part of our family.

For the vast majority of our clients, we ARE their Startup Launch department. We work with large companies that have marketing managers and teams, or small companies that have no one but their core staff.

Our services  is our 360° full service total care package where we take care of everything…your entire Web Presence, including your website, Search engine marketing, social media management and strategic initiatives,incorporation . By design, we are on a predictable monthly retainer so you don’t get “nickeled and dimed” throughout our partnership with you. is operated by the Internationally acclaimed company WEB LED SERVICES. At we pride ourselves with the low prices and efficient service our satisfied customers deserve. puts you first. This is why our main focus is Startups with global ambitions. We give you the freedom to build your business while we take care of the tedious, administrative tasks, leaving you to concentrate on your dream for your company.  As part of our brilliant service, our back end software will automatically send you reminders of important annual filings, and upload your important document to your online account.
Our global offices mean we can offer you the highest quality service available. We’re also extending our limited invitation to partners who share our vision, who would like to open offices in their own countries.
Our qualified staff are here to help you with whatever you need. Contact us to see what we can offer you.
If you like what we do, please kindly share our site on the social networks and become a fan on the Facebook so that we can help more people.  We love startups!


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